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Tooling Discounts for Machine Shops & Manufacturing Companies 

Since 2011, Surplus Cutting Tools, aka SurplusCuttingTools.com has been able to provide Machine Shops & Manufacturing companies deep discounts on surplus metal cutting tools, machine tools, machinery, and industrial supplies. In just 5 years of business we have already established a repeat customer base of over 8,500 Machine Shops & Manufacturing companies throughout the entire United States of America. The majority of our customers are small to medium sized Machine Shops & Manufacturing Shops. Obviously, most small to medium sized Machine Shops do not have the luxury of an unlimited monthly tooling budget. Not only that, but these hardworking and highly skilled Machine Shops are in direct competition with overseas manufacturing companies. As we all know, these overseas Manufacturing companies have much cheaper labor costs, which makes it impossible for American Machine Shops to compete when it comes to price. At Surplus Cutting Tools, aka SurplusCuttingTools.com, we have made it our mission to provide US Based Machine Shops and  Manufacturing Companies an opportunity to save up to 70% on brand new, name brand, Industrial Tooling. 

A reliable source of Machine tools, Cutting Tools, Industrial Supplies, machinery & Equipment 

Surplus Cutting Tools, aka SurplusCuttingTools.com, is a reliable surplus dealer of machine Tools, cutting tools, and industrial supplies. By attending Surplus auction sales all across the country, we have been able to consistently source brand new and name brand cutting tools and industrial supplies at a fraction of the price. It's all about paying it forward and passing along the savings to our customers. So if we see a deal, we jump on it! This also means that we have to house large quantities of merchandise on a regular basis which can be some what risky and possibly cause us to loose money on a deal.  Everything you see on this site will be discounted by 50-75%...Brand new Surplus for less than 1/2 the price is what we do. Never pay full price again for cutting tools!!! Mostly what you will find on this site is surplus carbide inserts, but keep your eyes peeled because you never know what you might come across. Some of our Surplus cutting tools include carbide inserts, carbide drills, taps, dies, cobalt and high speed steel drills, carbide tools bits, abrasives, face mills, milling cutters, measuring gages, grinders, safety equipment, machinery, gloves, diamond products, diamond blades, diamond tools, tool holders, air hose, sanding belts, boring bars, live centers, dead centers, lathe tools, replacement checks, collets, center drills, spotting drills, air tools, slitting saw blades,bandsaw blades, dial indicators, v-blocks, maintenance kits, and more......

New Surplus is added weekly, so please check in regularly!!!